• Wine Box

    Wine Box

    Square wine carton with a 3 by 3 slot for sorting wines is printed to give the wine-packing carton a sense of excitement surrounding the target market. Customized wine packaging box open method, logo placement, color scheme, font style and other information contact us to discuss, if you have a special idea, please feel free to share with us. When you provide us with your order requirements,We will finish the order with high quality. We provide a one-stop platform for wine producers to manufacture, package, design and distribute.

  • Beer Box

    Beer Box

    Our family business has a competitive price, providing high-quality beer packaging business, you can rely on personalized service. From design to final printing, our team of professionals will help you put your ideas into reality. Our in-house design and production team can work with you to create one that best expresses your brand and meets your budget price.

  • Water Box

    Water Box

    Flexible packaging protects the purity of the water while making it safe and easy to dispense from virtually any size package. Expensive logistics and environmentally harmful cleaning processes make plastic water bottles increasingly controversial due to their significant environmental impact We manufacture packaging products designed to reduce supplier costs and reduce product waste.

  • Beer Totes

    Beer Totes

    Among cardboard beer carriers, six-pack beer bottle carriers are the most common packaging for beer packers, and an interesting beer packaging design is meaningful. When people walk down the street with beer carriers, they need to make sure that they are wear-resistant and not easily damaged. No one wants a defective product in their hands. In our factory, we use the E-groove corrugated cardboard produced by us. The cardboard consists of three layers with good cushioning performance. It protects the surface of the carton by offset printing or high-definition ink printing. Finally presented to customers in beer box matching.

  • Wine Totes

    Wine Totes

    The wine suitcase made of kraft paper is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. It can protect the red wine from the sale of the wine and can be printed and promoted. Usually two bottles of red wine are packaged together, using high-quality kraft paper, making single-layer or double-layer corrugated, firmness carton is guaranteed, when attending a party, the fine print of red wine box will become a display of red wine.

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