• Auto Lock Box

    Auto Lock Box

    The bottom of the Auto Lock Box is also called Snap Lock Bottom. It is simple, beautiful, and economical. It has a certain seal and is the most used lock box bottom structure in the current packaging carton. Widely used in cosmetics, alcohol and food packaging

  • White Mailer Box

    White Mailer Box

    White Corrugated Boxes & Mailers - Designed to create a professional appearance for transport of your catalogs, literature, parts, photos, and printed material. Use these white cardboard boxes to keep your books or files in their original state during shipping. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us. We are happy to help in any way.

  • Mailer Box

    Mailer Box

    Made of corrugated cardboard feature easy and secure closure. They’ll serve perfectly as courier packages as well as the direct packaging for your product. We offer a wide range of transport boxes and containers, including DVDs, books and other special sizes for difficult-to-package items. It all translates into low prices, really fast shipping and a great customer experience!

  • Tube Box

    Tube Box

    The long carton is used to package the rectangular parallelepiped goods, providing protection and convenient carrying. Helps arrangement and transport items to others in life, accepts custom-made long-barrel boxes of different sizes, giving you the size you need. Meet all packaging requirements

  • Flat Box

    Flat Box

    Customized from different sizes of flat boxes and small to large different types of flat boxes, Mainly by E-flute single wall corrugated made, packaging beautifully small objects, books, ornaments, greeting cards, and play a protective role in the transportation process. Because the diversification of products and the rapid rise of express industry, our customers will solve the requirements of commodity packaging, our company will solve every question and better serve our customers.

  • Regular Slotted Box

    Regular Slotted Box

    Shipping boxes for the commonly used outer packaging carton, basically consists of a piece of corrugated cardboard, the seam is sealed into a carton by nailing or bonding. And the top and bottom flaps (commonly called upper and lower flaps) constitute the bottom of the box and Cover. It can be folded flat when transported, and sealed when used.

  • Triangle Tube Box

    Triangle Tube Box

    The triangular long carton is used to package rectangular objects and provide protection and convenience for specific items. Help arrangement and transport items to others, accept custom-sized triangular long barrels of different sizes to give you the size you need. Meet all packaging requirements and help all packagers.

  • Folding Box

    Folding Box

    Folding paper box is a container or carrier of cardboard, used to add protection to the item and add a beautiful pattern The process involves folding carton made of paperboard that is cut, folded, laminated and printed for transport to packagers. The cartons are shipped flat to a packager, which has its own machinery to fold the carton into its final shape as a container for a product.it can be folded flat for shipping to the user. Merchant use it for storage and packaging in the sale of goods, and is easy to carry.

  • Flap Tuck Top Box

    Flap Tuck Top Box

    A folding type of carton is used for different packaging commodities. In the large industry, have clothing industry, household goods, and jewelry industries. Recently, we received an inquiry from a vegetable and fruit merchant for the production of flap tuck top box. Explain that the flap tuck top box is characterized by its simplicity and easy folding molding. Received more and more people's favorite, sturdy, convenient, easy to carry these features will also be quickly reflected, and Hengyue is through the continuous improvement of their own craftsmanship, making it more beautifully protective.

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