Increase product added value from white packaging box

Few industries have high purchase and consistency customers like beauty and cosmetics. Beauty make-up products are one of the most important products of major e-commerce and physical stores; one may not use cosmetic shaving, but she must have cosmetics, whether it is male or female. For women, “makeup is the art of the face”, almost every woman uses beauty makeup products in their daily lives.

This means that the beauty and cosmetics products, the commercial potential there, the market volume is huge. I have participated in the beauty fair, and I am deeply impressed by the pictures of the crowds there. But it also means that if you want to seize this product and put it into practice, you need to find a way to break through, stand out from the many products, and tell your customers that "this product is suitable for her!" The best way to do this is with your packaging.

However, how to design a white packaging box that will make your ideal customer shine.

It’s important to understand your user base. Who is the ideal customer? Are women and men's cosmetics demand the same, do they have something in common? Do they want to make up, does the actual demand of women match the skin color or simply whiten? They are masculine men... do you want baby-like skin? Once you know who they are, what do they look for in the cosmetics brand? You will be prepared and what will attract their attention.

Analyze some points before designing

1: Make up for your product white box packaging

2: Choose your brand design elements (color, font, etc.)

3: Analyze the information that needs to be included in the package

4: Choose your package type (white box type, structure)

5: Choose a highlight for your design

6: Choose a suitable designer for cosmetic packaging

Packaging is the first thing you want to turn into a customer's mind. If your white carton box packaging attracts their attention and clearly describes what they are looking for, they may take your product home and try it out.

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