High-grade paper glasses packaging box customization

The most common glasses cases on the market are plastic boxes, wooden boxes, etc., with the most plastic boxes. However, this kind of unchanging box type and non-environmental material people have long been tired, and the packaging box custom manufacturers have begun to make paper packaging. High-end paper packaging boxes are not only environmentally friendly but also more upscale. The paper packaging box has the advantages of easy processing, good printing performance and unique shape. Therefore, the surface can be made with more high-grade surface processes, making the box look better.

At present, common glasses cases include plastic glasses cases, iron glasses cases, EVA glasses cases, hand-made glasses cases, etc. Among them, plastic glasses cases are the most common. These materials are not unfamiliar to us, although they are common but lack new ideas and can not impress customers.

Paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, good printing performance and unique shape. This trend-oriented high-end glasses case is made of art paper. Art paper has its unique texture and stiffness. The triangle design eliminates the traditional specification structure and adopts the folding style, which is both novel and practical.

Different papers are different in the production process, texture and touch. The flocking paper is bright, soft and flexible, and is often used in the high-end packaging industry. You's folding glasses case is made of gray board and flocking paper. It has a unique shape and is very comfortable to touch. It is very textured.

The glasses case can also be combined with a box or a tote bag, which is even more solemn. Hengyue Packaging is a professional packaging box custom manufacturer, you can customize a variety of paper packaging boxes, handbags, etc., if you have the relevant packaging box customization needs.

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