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Product box design is more than just a decoration, it is also part of the customer experience. Since childhood, I have been taught not to look at people by appearance, to see things not just to look at the surface, but when it comes to buying products ourselves, we almost always choose the one that looks best. In fact, 72% of consumers believe that beautiful packaging design will affect their purchasing decisions. The food, the cosmetics, the clothes, the small gifts, and the daily drinks are hidden in small jars, boxes and handbags. This is why the manufacturer of the packaging box should closely communicate with the packaging design. It is a brand promotion channel, and the product packaging box is used to enhance the reputation.

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The necessary concepts of packaging design make it easy to differentiate between products and brands. It not only creates graphics and images, but also spurs consumers' illusions about buying products. Not only is it critical to the product itself, it is also important to the entire company because it will become a brand image. If the product packaging box is not attractive enough, so that the company will not be lucky to be remembered by people, it is really a very embarrassing situation. So in order to avoid this situation, Xinpai Packaging will introduce the following: nine important packaging customization rules.

1: Know the customer

2: Functionality

3: Style

4: Brand positioning

5: Multi-angle test

6: Competitor analysis

7: Consistency

8: Print printing

9: Packaging test (proofing)

1. Know your customers

Before that, it is important to know the customer. The customer is the one who makes the final decision and is the one who chooses between the product and the competitor. Before designing, be sure to do a good crowd orientation analysis. This will not only help the company to understand the customer, but also make it easier for the box manufacturer to understand the information conveyed by your packaging design.

2. Functionality

Once you understand your customer base, there may be some very concise ideas, but do these ideas make sense for the product being designed? Ultimately, customers should not buy products for packaging. They should buy something inside it. For example, this bag of bread is not like eating in a restaurant - cleverly providing a knife as the lid of the box. What else might there be? Think of it as an opportunity, think of what others can't think of, and let customers feel that you are thinking about them. The more creativity a package has, the better it will stand out in its class. Remember what your product is, not every product needs a unique design. If you are designing a packing box, remember that both children and adults must be able to hold it. If you can think of a box that meets all of these criteria, then do it! Rectangles (rectangles) have been popular for a long time. You don't have to always think about the box structure.

3. Style

One of the hottest trends in the past few years and even today is minimalism. This is for a reason. In today's increasingly complex world, simplicity is a pleasure. Therefore, in order to attract customers to use the product, it is simple to show them through a simple packaging design. If you're going to take a simple approach, make everything simple: fewer graphic elements, smaller graphics, and uniform colors make the product look more stable. There are very few colors, no patterns, and very few words. Even if the design is simple, it still gives customers a clear understanding of the product information and information. These are some of the design elements to consider, but when it comes to information, try to keep it as small as possible. Consumers don't have time to stop and read every line of text. Packaging designers need to understand the main content of packaging design. Usually it is the name of the product, the brand name and the logo. If this means that you want to miss important information, then don't forget that some product packaging must be marked with ingredients and warning signs. For example: ingredients of foods that disclose potential hazards and product warnings. Health care products or cosmetic packaging, this is very important for customers.

4. Brand positioning

Whether it's custom packaging box for one product or multiple products, it's important for customers to understand the source of the product. The box is one of the best ways to promote the company's brand. For example, Apple Apple is the world's first technology company with a market capitalization of $1 trillion. Not just their phones and laptops; it's about how to present product packaging. Major portal video ads, web design elements and creative advertising on various platforms simply emphasize their product packaging. What makes this brand different? How to stand out among many similar products? After all, without these products, the company may not exist at all!

5. Multi-angle test

There are countless ways to display the information a customer needs on a package. Simulate a few different ideas and look at them. Which option is most prominent for your product? It is very important to get the opinions of others here, and the advice is to extract the opinions of others.

6. Competitor analysis

It's a good idea to research competitors. You can get some places to learn from. You may have some very original ideas, but you still need to be well prepared when you really want to implement them. Find out where the product will be sold and see where it will be displayed. Whether the product is suspended, placed on a shelf, or placed on a high-end display stand, if possible, remember the brand displayed next to it. Learn what style they have. Don't be afraid, market competition is a must, it will make you feel inspired.

7. Consistency

If you're designing a package for multiple product boxes in the same series, it's crucial to make it look relevant. They don't have to be exactly the same, but make them look relevant. If the colors are inconsistent, leave the pattern there. This package does not deviate from the fact that these products belong to a series. Consistency between products only increases the recognition that the brand receives. The product may not be permanently independent, so the design of the product box must be adjusted... just in case.

8. cardboard packaging and printing

It doesn't matter how great the design is; if the packaging is of poor quality, you won't sell it. Once you have chosen the final design to be the most comfortable, make sure you have a box manufacturer with experience in the box. If you have no experience, don't panic. This should be taken into account at the beginning of the design process to ensure that all your hard work produces good results. If you don't have a suitable box manufacturer near you, then Xinpai Packaging will be your good choice, a high-end packaging box manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. Do some research to ensure that the design of the product box can be achieved. These problems encountered in the design of the box and the design of the product box are all taken seriously, but if they are not followed, there may be errors that are difficult to revoke.

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