Customize fruit and vegetable packaging carton box

No matter what you do, you must have a process. When you customize the boutique fruit packing box, you must follow the process strictly. Only by following the process can you customize the boutique fruit packaging box you want. If there is no process, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the production process, so it is necessary to follow these procedures strictly when ordering the package.

       1, determine the function of the box

       Function is the basis of product existence. Any product has certain material and spiritual functions, and its function directly determines the value of the product. In the process of functional feasibility study of the product, it is necessary to clarify the requirements for the function, accurately realize the necessary functions of the package, eliminate the excess function, and perfect the missing function.

Fruit carton box sample

        2, the shape of the box

        The research on the shape of the package includes proportional design, line design, etc. The overall design ratio should be coordinated and have a certain sense of beauty; the design of the line type should consider the main and the times, and the style is consistent, so that people can quickly judge the attributes of the details. And know how to operate. It is important that the shape conforms to the structure of the package and that the construction and assembly relationships are clearly shown. The perfect shape, the structure can only be an empty shelf, meaningless.

       3, the use of color

       In the five senses of human beings (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and gustatory), vision is important. There are three major elements related to vision: shape, color, and quality (material). In some cases, the color is more important than the shape and quality, so at this stage, the color of the box is clearly positioned, and the primary and secondary colors are selected. At the same time, we must also consider the use of the natural environment and social environment, pay attention to the preferences and taboos of certain areas, pay attention to the use of various colors.

Fruit box display

        4, the concept of the box structure

       The structure is the bearer of the product function, and the product structure determines the realization of the product function. The product structure is divided into two parts: the external structure and the internal structure. The external structure is the bearer of the product shape. For the designer, the shape is often modified without hesitation, and the internal structure is neglected, resulting in a mismatch between the external structure and the internal structure. Therefore, designers should establish a holistic concept and correctly handle the organic connection between the internal and external structure of the product.

       5, selected box material

       The exquisite packaging box is inseparable from the beautiful material. The choice of material directly affects the visual and tactile feeling of the product, which directly affects the artistic style of the product. Therefore, different structural parts of the product should be made of different materials according to the usage habits and needs.

Fruit packaging interior pattern

       6. Economy

       In the design phase of the package, the cost of the product should be planned to solve the economic problem. For example, in terms of function, the redundant function of the product is proposed, and the economic value is realized by realizing the necessary functions; the structural aspect and reasonable structural design can save materials, improve labor productivity, and reduce product cost; in terms of styling, use under the premise of fully embodying the artistic style Simple and generous shape can reduce the cost of production.

       7, packaging box processing technology

       The processing technology of the packaging box is the key to realize the shape of the packaging box. Different packaging box shapes should be formed by different processing techniques, and the shape of the packaging box can be processed to achieve the beauty effect. Generally, different materials have different processing techniques. For example, the packaging box of solid wood material has the embossing process, the imitation mahogany has the yin carving process, the lettering on the surface of the packaging box, the pattern processing has engraving, coloring, inlaying, printing, water transfer and the like.

Fruit crates vector

       8, choose quality packaging manufacturers

       Nowadays, the social packaging box is a representative of a company's image. How can a good packaging box attract the attention of the audience? Therefore, choose a quality manufacturer, a good manufacturer pays attention to quality, and puts quality in the main position. Good quality brand, it is very important to choose a quality manufacturer for a quality customize fruit carton!

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