Custom colored packaging design box case

Electronic product packaging is a very important category in the packaging industry. The development of science and technology has promoted the innovation of only electronic products. Every year, countless electronic products have been developed, and these products have greatly enriched people's leisure life. In the sale and transportation of electronic products, its packaging plays a key role.

The composition of electronic products is generally more sophisticated, so the most important role of packaging in packaging design is to protect the product. Collision, extrusion, static electricity, and oxygen may cause certain damage to electronic products. When the packaging is beautiful, the protection performance of the cardboard packaging box is also very important.

Here we look at the actual cases of several sets of electronic product colored packaging box:

First, the magic screen projector packing box design

This magic screen projector has a firm packaging structure, good impact resistance and pressure resistance, and is not easily damaged by external forces, which can effectively protect the product. At the same time, its outer packaging design is simple and beautiful, and there is also a lining of plastic and sponge inside, which greatly guarantees the safety of the product.

Second, Spengler sphygmomanometer packaging design box

The packaging design of Spengler sphygmomanometer is simple, the surface is delicate and realistic, and the high-end texture of the product is visually highlighted. The overall style of the product packaging is simple and technological, which is consistent with the product attributes, giving people a modern, simple, technological and business experience.

Third, electronic cigarette packaging box design

This electronic cigarette packaging design is original by Xinpai, its shape is generally the same as the general cigarette case, but the material is more upscale and strong. The box is made up of black cardboard and gold card paper. With a streamlined UV graphic, the package is firm and beautiful.

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