Custom cardboard clothing box for clothes packaging

As a professional Packaging Box custom manufacturer, it has done custom packaging services for overseas high-end clothing brands. These Clothing Box may seem inconspicuous, but there is an element that recognizes the brand as long as you see it.

Garment packaging design, the most important thing is LOGO design, LOGO is the soul of a brand, the main purpose of its packaging is to protect the brand is to promote the brand.

How big is LOGO's influence on a brand? It’s like when we see Apple, we can think of an Apple phone and think of the apple that was bitten. It is said that Apple designers have two options when designing a logo. One is a complete apple and the other is the current one. The reason for choosing the latter is to distinguish it from other signs. Now, almost no one does not know it.

When the Clothes Storage Box is designed, the LOGO is usually printed in the middle of the bag, so that it is eye-catching. At the same time, there are many processes related to LOGO printing Clothing Packaging Box, such as bronzing/silver, UV, bump, and the like.

The bronzing/silver LOGO has a strong metallic texture; the LOGO made of UV is flat, shiny and not easy to fall off; the concave and convex LOGO has a strong stereoscopic effect, which gives a strong visual layering.

A seemingly tiny LOGO may bring infinite possibilities to a brand. In packaging Cardboard Box for Clothes design, it is also a non-negligible existence.

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