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Each product feature specification is not uniform, resulting in the majority of the Logo Packaging Box needs to be customized packaging. At this time, it is necessary to find a professional packaging box manufacturer, so that the professional staff of the manufacturer can communicate with the designer's specification design. Otherwise, it is very likely that the specifications made by the designer will not be technically impossible.

First: we want to confirm the Logo Box type, the packaging box is mainly divided into four box types, heaven and earth cover box, folding box, drawer box and flip-type box, each box has its own, heaven and earth cover packaging The advantage of the box is that the production is relatively simple and the cost is lower than other box types. The advantages of the folding packaging box are easy to store without occupying space, saving freight and storage costs, and having a feeling of DIY. The drawer type packaging box has the feeling of pulling out like a drawer, and is mainly used for giving a gift a mysterious feeling. The clamshell box is displayed in a flip-top style. The opening method is faster than the other Package Box with Logo types, which is conducive to some surprise gift packaging. The box type is mainly a kind of packaging method. Generally, the box manufacturer will recommend according to the user's needs. The specific product requirements also require specific communication between the two parties. After confirming the box type, it is necessary to involve the size of the box type. At this time, the designer must design the layout of the product and the design of the style. Dimensions can be customized according to your needs.

Second: the selection of materials, the choice of materials is very important, the material symbolizes the skin symbolizes the texture, the current common packaging materials are cardboard (white cardboard, black cardboard, pink cardboard, gold and silver cardboard...), kraft paper (white cowhide, yellow cowhide...), coated paper (single coated paper, double coated paper), special paper (collectively referred to as some specialty papers). Each material needs to be recommended according to the customer's design and process requirements, and should be recommended in conjunction with the budget of the package. The selected material is smeared on the gray board to enhance the texture while increasing the stiffness.

Third: the process, the packaging process is common with printing color, bronzing, bump, UV, embossing, etc... The box body is mainly printed, because most companies have more colors in the design of the box body. Printing is usually done, and printing is mainly divided into four-color printing (full-color printing, full-page printing, screen printing). Among them, four-color printing is mostly used in the case of many color colors. This printing process can be perfectly printed. The effect of the full version of the printing, as the name suggests, is mainly applied to solid color printing, the color specifications are relatively uniform, so that printing will rarely appear unevenly printed colors. Screen printing is mainly used for relatively simple printing because of its simple operation and low cost, mainly for low product requirements, low quality requirements and low price requirements. The logo can be said to be the most in the box, because the logo plays the role of the finishing touch, most of the product packaging will be very demanding in the logo process and effect. The logo process mainly includes hot stamping, silver bump, embossing, uv, printing... Pursuit of quality packaging, the commonly used method is to use the process of bumping and bronzing in the Custom Boxes with Logo, and at the same time, the texture has a bumpy feeling, and thus highlights the quality.

Fourth: proofing, in the case that all the processes are confirmed, proofing is the only criterion for the test results. If you can make your own design and want to express the meaning, you need to look at the physical sample. This time is the time to test the box manufacturer. In the sample making process, one

It is necessary to keep in close contact with the packaging factory to ensure the progress of the sample, and to closely communicate the problems encountered during the process of making the process, because proofing is a time-consuming process, ensuring the quality of the good samples, and then able to produce in the future. In the process, it is much smoother and saves unnecessary troubles.

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