Cherry Packing Box UV Printing Desgin Technology

UV is a post-press process. We see a layer of bright shine on the Cherry Packing Box pattern, which is made by UV technology. Its purpose is to increase the brightness and artistic effect of the surface of the product, while having the effect of resistance to friction and corrosion.

UV printing is one of the most important contents in the printing industry. It is suitable for printing non-absorbent materials such as gold cardboard, silver cardboard, pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastic, PVC, PE, grating, etc.

cherry packing box

5kg Cherry Packaging Box

UV has the advantages:

1, printing should be good. The UV prints have clear dots, good tone reproduction, bright and bright ink, and high printing consistency.

2. The UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process. Therefore, both the ink layer and the varnish layer have strong adhesion, durability, water resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and anti-aging.

3, Cherry Box can print a three-dimensional pattern on the surface of the package, can be completed in one printing, no plate making, no need for printing and repeated color registration; compared with the traditional four-color process printing, the amount of UV printing ink is less waste.

4, UV ink curing process will not cause harmful environmental pollution, and less waste, but also save energy, is an environmentally friendly ink.

UV printing is suitable for printing products of high-end business cards, albums, desk calendars, labels, clothing packaging boxes, Cherry Fruit Packaging Box, etc. If you have the needs of packaging customization, you can contact us.

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